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Tashi Honnery Interview


Photographer: Malorie Shmyr I @malorieshmyr

Makeup Artist: Tashi Honnery I @tashijusttashi

Model: Jessica Fuhrmann I @veggiejessonthego

Who is Tashi Honnery?

That is a question open to interpretation.... I guess a Tashi Honnery is the opinion of the world shown through the weird and whacky world or art, nothing is off limits, as long as, it is honest. A Tashi Honnery is what happens when you go against protocol to try and make this life work.

How long have you been creating for?

Always. You cannot just decide one day you will start creating? It must be natural.

What got you into the beauty industry?

Not wanting to.... I started out just “wanting to do art in some way or another” I got pissed off at the subject of art in school because I had to write 1300 words explaining why I did the things I did but really my work was the reason, full stop. I then moved from paper to people bringing their inside emotions to the outside and somewhere along the way people caught on and wanted to see more. Before I knew it, I was that person I never thought I could be working with my idols in the beauty industry.

What other mediums do you create with besides makeup?

I draw on anything.... I will occasionally go through a phase of painting on canvasses for a week at a time then stopping. I paint on clothes too, all the time.

The outlines that you draw on every face have shapes of eyes, or accentuate the facial features of each model; why is this important?

I believe that eyes are the most emotive part of a human, some say is the mouth, but how many times have you seen a smile and the eyes are haunted? Eyes draw you into the truth of somebody; so, I always want to draw the truth of somebody on their face. The lines are about connecting emotion to the physical features of the person to the art it is a literal line to bring the person together.

Color and textures are an important element to your work; can you tell us more?

I mean color and texture is what makes art, so without this, there would be no art it would just be a nice simple photo of a person.

What zodiac sign are you?

Capricorn! As much as I hate to say it, I tick all the boxes of a Capricorn.... stubborn and determined.

What inspires Tashi Honnery?

Desperation. I’m desperate for there to be more to this world, and have realized that if I want more then, I must make it. I get inspired by mundane things in a way; and Want to make them into something beautiful and alive.

What type of music do you enjoy listening?

Honestly, I have the strangest selection of music which is constantly changing, so to even say one band I could decide I hate them next week. I will say I am not a huge R&B fan, and I do love Bowie and The Cure and that will never change.

What is power to you?

Power is respect, admitting when wrong and having a strong opinion that is not swayed by other views. Power is being able to stay true to yourself and your work no matter what is going on

What is beauty?

Beauty is how you perceive something, what I find beautiful might be ugly to you, but the most beautiful things are always pure and raw. (Perceive that however you will)

All your photographs show some type of emotion towards the viewer, why is this important?

This is why I do it, it is the point, to show the emotion that words cannot express all in one image. When someone has no words just a feeling, I know my job is done.

What would you tell people that admire your work, and want to do what you do?

Do it. Do not do what you think is “right” what is right is what makes you happy. Art for me is a survival skill, so always do what you need to do to survive.

Finally, what is something that you want to achieve in the next 10 years?

Stability and happiness. I never set a goal as it seems like putting a lid on something and an end, I want to keep going with my art and my work just doing more and more in new places with new people. None of this is available without having stability and happiness though.

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