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Paper Fashion Show

Denver’s Most Wanted Fashion Event

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The joy of art comes when we can create anything with everything. There is no excuse not to create artwork that allows the human mind to express a message fully. Ideas are born in a 2 dimensional plane, but could that dimensional plane bring our dreams to life? The answer is yes! Moreover, I will present you with the Paper Fashion Show an original runway show hosted in Aurora, Colorado predicted to become the next art capital. The dresses range from couture to clean, the more creativity, the better! The show is a full experience that you should not miss! This is a magical event to remind everyone that ideas that, writing down your ideas could make them come true. Vision is key! There are many properties that paper can do, and you would be surprised by the magic dust that paper can bring to fashion designers.

As you should be attending this event, here is all the information you need to know to support the creative outlet of Colorado!

What if you have never been to a fashion show? Or not interested in fashion at all? To briefly respond to these questions, I would ask you, have you ever witnessed magic? If yes, or not; the fact is that any fashion show is a well-organized event that their only purpose is to showcase the talent from primarily fashion designers, but there are also the makeup/hair teams, stylists, art directors, event coordinators, the chosen venue, models, music production, video production, photographers, magazine editors and of course the main element, the audience! As you can see, these experiences are brought to you by a large team of creative individuals; every single one of them showcasing their talent and adding a grain of sand to make every single fashion show a masterpiece.

What about the cost? It does not matter if you are in the first row or standing room; what the main factor here is supporting the arts. So, I highly encourage you to go to the Paper Fashion Show as their primary vision explained below is to make our society a better place.

"Art can heal the soul, and makes us stronger mentally”- Oscvr

15th Annual Paper Fashion Show Tickets On Sale Nation’s Largest Paper Fashion Show to Take Place on April 12

The ONE Club for Creativity Denver’s 15th Annual Paper Fashion Show, the largest show in the nation, which features extravagant fashions and ensembles made by local designers will be held on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at the The Hangar at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO. A total of 850 tickets are on sale now, starting at $25, and can be purchased at

Paper Fashion Show, a volunteer-run event, features creative talent across Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region. The event highlights paper fashion specifically to showcase the medium’s beauty and versatility in a digital-era. This year, 54 design teams will be showcasing fashions from paper donated by Neenah Paper, Mohawk, CTI Paper USA, French Paper Distributors and coordinated by Spicers Paper. These fashions are showcased at the runway show and voted on by a panel of eight judges, whom are top Denver-area designers.

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“We believe art brings our communities together,” said Michael Garcia, Paper Fashion Show event co-manager. “This event was created in 2004 to elevate Denver art and design to the national level by providing a creative platform that encourages diverse industries to come together and push artistic boundaries through this exceptionally unique paper fashion medium.”

Twenty percent of the proceeds from this event will benefit Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA). Since the inception of Paper Fashion Show, The ONE Club for Creativity –  Denver has raised more than $58,000 for Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA). This community organization provides art education and after-school arts programs for urban youths.

“In addition to receiving a portion of the proceeds, DAVA students get the incredible experience to participate in the event by designing fashions, modeling, and even judging the entries.” said Kara Taylor, The ONE Club for Creativity – Denver president. “Creating a venue that celebrates both the professional and student’s design perspective is extremely rewarding.”

The tickets range from General Standing ($25 member, $35 non-member), General Seating ($65 member, $75 non-member), VIP ($95 member, $105 non-member) and Ultimate VIP ($125 member and $135 non-member). Doors open at 5:30 p.m., a cocktail hour is hosted from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Mercedes Howard, DJ at I Heart Radio, will emcee the event.

The panel of eight judges includes: Gabriel “Cisco” Medina Yocisco (Yocisco), Megan Timlin (Vintage View/ Fashion Designer), Castle Searcy Tootsies, Stephan Lauren (DenverGents/Colorado Expression Magazine, Khiember Luangphithack Manus (Manus Supply), Charlie Price (Denver Fashion Week), Merhia Wiese (Meow Wolf Denver) and Elieen O'Brien (previously with Denver Film Society).

Sponsors/community event partners include: Spicers Paper, Neenah Paper, Mohawk, French Paper Distributors, Philosophy Communication, Ink Lounge Studio, Tewell Warren Printing, Sappi, Link Product Development, Reffel Metals Foundry, CTI Paper USA, International Paper, Leslie Van Stelten Photography, Ellen Bruss Design, Michael Garcia Media, Melanie Watson Photo, Love Pop, The Oriental Theater and Rogue Productions.

Paper Fashion Show Art Pop-Ups Prior to the show be on the lookout for the Paper Fashion Show art pop-ups that feature designer entries from previous years at locations around Denver, including The ART Hotel, Stanley Marketplace and the Milk Market. These past designs have been brought off the runway to provide Denver residents the opportunity to view the community’s creative take on paper art.

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Additional Information To view past winning Paper Fashion Show entries, click here. About The ONE Club for Creativity – Denver The ONE Club for Creativity – Denver (previously the Art Directors Club Denver) is a multi-disciplinary, 501c3 non-profit organization promoting collaborative creative culture throughout Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Region. Since 1955, TOC-D has produced cutting-edge workshops, competitions, and industry events, all to empower future generations of advertising and design professionals. Art directors, new media and print designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, animators, educators, and students alike, form the fabric of our membership. Together, we champion Denver’s promise as an emerging, hub for internationally recognized creative work.

For more information regarding The ONE Club for Creativity – Denver, click here.

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