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Mona Lucero

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Designer: Mona Lucero

Model: Karli Isabella Stunkel

Makeup/Hair: Alison Gudzinas

Art Direction: Oscvr Gonzalez

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The perfect hearts can be shattered at any time, this is called war; where even the most innocent individuals will be crushed by someone else, or they will rise and defend their beliefs. The question here is, is violence the answer to fight the enemies? Or is there an alternative to fight the enemy? This is the story of a young French woman that wanted to grapple with the power of love.

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This is the story of Karli, a young woman that grew up under one of the wealthiest families in Paris. Karli was exposed to the arts at an early age, and she fell in love with them. Growing up her mother had a butterfly garden, where Karli learned everything about these insects; she saw many different caterpillars transform into beautiful species of butterflies. Not every single one of them was perfect; Indeed, a lot of them had broken wings, but they still flew even tough life was dragging them down.

You might be wondering, why am I reading about war, then butterflies?

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Karli fell in love with fashion design, she taught herself to design her own dresses as she was not allowed to go outside due to the war times. She barely went outdoors but loves everything that life has to offer. Her main inspiration comes from her surroundings, especially from the butterfly garden. Been surrounded by many different chromas of butterfly wings, she mimics them, and transfer them into her designs. She knew that if she wanted to fly, she needed to be fearless about color, and be extravagant.

We need to introduce one essential character to this narrative, his name is Valentino, the loyal partner in crime of Karli. He is the cat that fuels Karli with joy and is always with her when Karli creates. He is not an ordinary cat, he loves high fashion. Perhaps Valentino was a couture designer in his past life, but got trapped into a cat’s body? This must be the reason as to why he scratches Karli when she makes mistakes in her designs, and only likes to listen to vogue music.

The war is getting closer, and closer to Karli’s doorstep. She has been studying the enemy for a few months and gathered that they are promoting violence and turning their own people into committing evil acts. So, what is it that counters violence? The answer is love, Karli’s parents taught her that to win friends is not by throwing stones at them, but instead to offer them compassion, and love. She knew to treat everyone with respect, which is the main reason she grew up under, so much wealth; everyone wanted to be around Karli’s parents due to their charm, and compassion to helping the people around them.

Karli came up with a plan to stop the enemy, her idea was to create a weapon that could destroy war. She knew that the world needed to see three words, the first one been love; which is the #1 tool against any sort of negativity. She needed to show everyone that instead of killing each other, love can heal the wounds that the war creates amongst populations. The second word has been peace, which is the answer to every global problem; this defeats any sort of conflict, Karli wants to show that we all can get along. It does not matter what color, shape, or size we are. She learned that every butterfly got along with each other, and they all had one purpose, fly, and experience freedom. Finally, the third word is the truth, expose that violence is a brainwashing tool used to destroy humanity; and those innocent people were being forced to follow it. Besides, telling the truth can generate better humanity for tomorrow, instead of hiding behind lies that could only get worse as time progresses.

With the help of her sidekick Valentino, Karli decided to create a big heart out of recycled fabric and found objects that just were sitting at her house. She wanted to give them a new meaning, a purpose of existence, by letting them be the key that could save the world from extermination. The heart needed to be big, she knew that this object was going to be used as an inspiration for the future; to remind us that love is the answer for escaping the negative energies that surround our world.


In addition to this object, Karli proceeded in creating a full set of outfits that could bring all cultures together; as butterflies are the one insect that exists in every culture. She didn’t just want to stop the war at her home country but stop it globally. Karli was not afraid of getting killed on the battlefield by the enemy. Her self-confidence was so high that she could blind anyone that was in front of her sight. Look at her, she burns like the sun; look at her, her aura shines god rays; look at her, she melts the ice with her smile. The enemy does not stand a chance in surrendering to her gaze. Hero of war, a designer that wanted to save the world with her art.

Karli invites you to use art as a weapon, instead of real guns. Are you ready to join the rebellion?