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Mattia Holm Interview

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Who is Mattia Holm?

Mattia Holm is a young professional fashion photographer and creative director; published internationally, and successfully taking place in the international niche brands communications. Mattia is from the majestic city of Florence, Italy. He was worked all over Europe and in 2019 he’s having a big approval from USA. His vision has been noticed from an important agency in NYC where he will move during fall 2019 to be in the Fashion capital and to reach his goals over the next three years.

What made you fall in love with photography?

My dad is a sail maker, my mom rents summer houses in Sardinia, always been fascinated by the sea, and my dad’s passion and career; but thanks to my family that always supported me in every decision I became an ambitious 18 y/o kid. I have always practiced every kind of sport, and I believe that’s what made me ambitious; and competitive as I am right now. After followed in school the steep street for becoming a successful doctor, it became steeper when I was diagnostic with ADHD (it was an unknown thing in Italy where people still think it’s just an “excuse” to don’t study, so no one never supported me, school for me has been a upstream.) I left behind my passion in psychology, and decided to make my “disease” my business. Never took any pills, I left my brain being the lead of my career. I would define my job, or better, my way of seeing my career a full immersion in reverse grief counseling. Where first, I needed to analyze the people behind a brand, then I would need to understand how to translate this brand to the others. Every single conversation with potential clients is a grief counseling for me, I love this.

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How long have you been taking photographs for?

Since I bought my first camera at 18 y/o, I worked in clubs until I was 21 for paying my trips or little things that a young guy needs to recreate himself. Then at 21 I moved to England for University, where I fully dedicated to Fashion photography. Fashion photography became my main medium to express myself from a “white piece of paper”.

Describe your work in 6 words:

Ambition, love, being, trust, rush, red

What was your first camera?

My first ever camera was a Canon 500D with the 18-55 and 75-300 kit, since the beginning I never asked money to my parents. I bought my first $750 camera with money I raised after my 18 y/o party, where 250 people attended; and (I know it’s quite bad) but the entrance fee was $10. Now I can tell everyone that my camera was the present by those 250 people.

Which one is your favorite camera now?

The camera I own, my Hasselblad H4D. Everybody nowadays can use a Canon or Nikon, if you’re not a pro you will be never able to use a Hasselblad built in 2013.

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Do you prefer digital, or film?

I have been shooting film for a few years during university, I had plenty of free time since I was always ahead with exams and studies. Now that it’s more about what the industry wants, and less about your personal projects. I find it harder and too slow spending time developing films and print with chemicals. I would never again shoot a magazine editorial or advertisement with a normal digital camera such as, a Canon 5d mk IV or a Sony a7RII, since they give me a result way too far from the reality of grain; and vibe that the film gives you. However, with Hasselblad and medium format I can feel the essence of photography much better. Also for me, using photoshop with a Wacom tablet it’s like my drawing palette. I do not answer anymore to people who tell me “oh yeah it’s easy if you use photoshop!”

Have you ever done any videography, for example short movies, or fashion films?

Yes absolutely, before I have been using my Sony a7SII , excellent camera, then the clients became more and much bigger so I had to finally compose a crew of people. My trusted team, all from different parts of Europe, that follows me for every production internationally. So now, for the 90% of productions my clients ask me for moving images, and I’m always the shadow of my operator who is always on my side with his RED Camera.

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What type of music has affected your life?

Literally every kind of music, my Spotify playlist goes from Gotham Project, to Jazz, to electronic music to trap music! The first thing I put in my studio when it was being built, was the speaker system in every room. Even in the bathroom!

What do you think makes a great photograph?

Being able to express yourself, and at the same time keep strong your style in your images; even in this “sea” full of sharks, full of trends that a photographer needs to follow. You always need to be a chameleon, different color, same skin.

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What other mediums have you utilized to express your creative voice?

My everyday being.

What is something that no one knows about you?

I was stutterer and shy when I was a kid, everybody were making jokes of me for this. When I was a young kid, I was at the restaurant with my parents, and the waitresses came for the bill; I used to hide under the table. Now I want to speak to the world with my pictures. My pictures are on huge billboards around cities and airports.

What advice would you give to someone trying to pursue a vision like yours?

Always have 3 suitcases ready: one for winter, one for summer, one for spring, and on your first free weekend take the cheapest flight for the other side of the world, and go show your skills. If you do so, that’s already a skill.

What is something that you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

Look behind and be proud of what I built with my own hands; and being grateful to the individuals who have always supported me.

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