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Majestic Blood Diamonds

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The beauty and fashion tale is inspired by Givenchy AW 15 with a darker twist referring to vampirism, which is a personal fascination I hold. I've always been drawn to the darker, mystical and romantic side of life and entwine this into the tales I write (creative concepts) and create through art direction, styling, and photography. I'm no stranger to watching thrilling series such as True Blood for inspiration. Furthermore, the tale is entirely personal; presenting a doll-like girl that looks innocent. Eventually, we learn she is not; her evil, psycho side comes out. Once it does, she becomes a majestic, dark romantic Queen of doom. Which is where I will complete the concept and visualization of Majestic Blood Diamonds with the editorial I wrote, suiting the complete tale:

Editorial written by Martika Boers

She slithers. Slithers into your thoughts. Playing cute but psycho mind games. She looks innocent, but she’s not. It is blood red ruby she seeks.

Her majestic blood diamonds.
Her reign. Her mind game.

Team credits

Direction, Styling & Photography: Martika Boers | insta: @martikaboers /
Model: Tessa Meester | Insta: @tessameester  
Make up and hair: by Ariana Camilleri | Insta: @m.u.ary 

Oscar Gutierrez