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Kitsune Ghost Interview


Photographer: Lloyd Galbraith @lloydgalbraith /

ModelsLyena Kang @kitsuneghost / Talon M @hallowedtalons

 MUA & Hair: Calvin Chan @pinkslutskill /

Stylist Taylor Kim @itsteacake

 Designers Holy Voids @holyvoids / Collect Call @collect_call_ / Alexa Stark @alexastark Sage Died /@sagedied

Showroom /@everywhere_space

Who is Lyena Kang?

 At the core I’m just a small-town Asian girl who grew up in Georgia. Once I discovered what was beyond my “small town girl” dreams, I never looked back. I knew deep down that I would never belong, no matter if I took on different identities to sugarcoat the truth. I was born an outcast and I spent my whole life trying to figure out who I was, until I realized I wasn’t meant to fit in or blend with this world. I was here as a lone wolf to create a new world, where humans are radically accepted in ALL walks of life through the transformation of creation. Creativity is an expression of our humanity and imagination, both in its production and in its recognition. To take shape, color, form, sound, or words and give them new life is an act of creation. To be able to rewrite and rewire our perceptions of the old world (our old selves) into the new and improved souls who aren’t imprisoned by fear, time, or social constructs is my goal. As we come to understand our weaknesses, they lose power to control us. I’m here as a healer to give the power back to the individual, the soul and set it FREE.

How long have you been in the fashion industry for?

It’s been exactly 6 years (2014-2019), but really all our lives have been surrounded by it through television, ads, and commerce.

 What got you into the fashion industry?

I graduated high school in 2014, where I had my first encounter into what the fashion industry was through the beauty industry. What got me into this type of industry was a call for help by my high school friend. She decided not to go to college but go to beauty school to pursue her love for the arts. I stood by her because I knew what it felt to have no support, especially in an Asian family. I fell in love with their mindset and dedication to their craft. These aspiring artists came from all walks of life, 18-year old’s, late twenties, mid-forties, and grandmas who were out here trying to find themselves again. The power of creativity and imagination got me into this fashion industry. What made me stay in the fashion industry are these artists who give up EVERYTHING to do what they love, that’s true self love.

What do you like about modeling?

 ABUNDANCE of manifestation, the freedom of creativity, being my own boss, meeting new creatives each day, bringing their visions to life, traveling to new territories to create, breaking boundaries, and learning from powerful journeys to help struggling artists.

Describe your style in 5 words:

Honest, Free Thinker, Spiritual, Groundbreaking, and Unconventional.

What do you think makes a good model?

My answer will never change. The work you put out must speak for itself. You must be able to inspire the top artists or artists/brands you admire to want to work with you. You must have something more than just a cool look (because you are branding yourself) You need to stand for something and be completely fearless in your endeavors. At the end of the day the models who make it are role models for a reason. Their story and truth are their brand, their look is a bold statement that intrigues, and lastly their work is an inspiration/mood board for artists to recreate.

What zodiac sign are you?

Double Pisces, like Alexander McQueen.

“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality. I oscillate between life and death, happiness and sadness, good and evil.” - Alexander McQueen

What inspires Lyena Kang?

 The Ebb and Flow of life. How there must be detours, declination, and rebirth in order to receive and appreciate new life again. This newly found purpose that gives our life meaning keeps humanity growing and forever changing.

 What other mediums do you like creating with besides modeling?

 I am an artist to the core. It doesn’t matter if I’m in front of a camera or behind it. My passion to both is unequaled. Recently I’ve been getting more involved with video editing because I love to show the world the amazing creatives I get to work with, and what it really takes to make a dream team. Numbers do not matter to me neither does the amount of success someone has. The only thing that matters to me is their potential. Their potential to work hard, dedicate their time and energy to their craft, and their potential to transform through the power of creativity.

What type of music do you enjoy listening?

 My favorite band will forever be All Time Low. I remember seeing them for the first time at my first concert, Emo Nite, when I was 22 years old. They played my favorite song Therapy and the rawness of emotion gave me chills. I cannot listen to a song without hearing each word and emotion behind it. Those need to have meaning, or it’s completely pointless to me.

What is power to you?

Power to me is having the ability to not only know and understand yourself, but let others feel understood by you.

What is high fashion?

 High fashion to me reminds me of Dior’s collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. It means having the power as a brand, a platform to give insanely talented creatives a voice, all the resources needed to craft a mastery of art and be well compensated for it. High fashion is being ICONIC, a legend that will be remembered for decades to come.

Can you describe to us what beauty is?

Beauty to me is an abstract concept, not just stereotypical physical characteristics. Beauty is a revolution of change, radical acceptance and self-growth.

 I feel beautiful when I can inspire and motivate people.

When I listen instead of judge.

When I forgive myself and others.

When I make people feel understood and important.

When I can help people find out who they are and support them.

When I can freely share my truth and values without a hidden agenda.

What message do you want to tell all aspiring models?

Don’t look for a role model, be your own. Be your own boss. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just observe what already works and why. If it doesn’t work, figure out how to change it. Question every move you make. Don’t be ashamed of the old stories you told yourself, learn to forgive yourself and rewrite it. Learn to find your inner calmness. Don’t be misled or easily influenced by what you see around you. WE live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values, and false ideals. KNOW that you are not a part of that world and create your own. Create your own ideology and stand by it no matter what. It is the risks that you take that will show you your true character, strength, and how powerful your journey is.

Lastly, appreciate your failures, your toughest trials, know what you had to go through the darkest of places to get here, and celebrate your biggest wins with the people you met on your journey. Do not forget who helped you and unconditionally supported you. Do not forget about your values and let the ego take over. Do not forget who you were when you first started your journey. Do not forget how to treat people like a human being.

How has your modeling evolved over the years?

I started my journey at 17, and now I’m 23 going on 24. I AM a completely different person because of the people I met, the knowledge I consumed, and the choices I made. I used to live trapped in fear of failure, high expectations, and I could not let go of my attachments. It took me SEVERAL years to learn how to find my inner peace and it is ok. My spiritual journey in tarot accelerated my level of consciousness and I realized; I was rapidly was outgrowing my old ways of thinking. Tarot asked me questions I was afraid to ask myself and provided nothing but love and compassion. Tarot and journaling were MY form of self-therapy besides creating. The difference is in creating, I also do it for other people as a healer. But see the combination of tarot and journaling is just for me. It is for me to check in on myself, to heal myself, to ask the questions needed to move on, and to reflect on all of my accomplishments and manifestations that I brought to life.

 I can firmly say that I have chosen to live a life of little resistance to the flow of life, I just let it happen. Sometimes letting it happen is the best thing for us. We do not force anything, and we gradually learn to accept what is meant for us in divine timing.

Finally, what is next for Lyena Kang in the next 10 years?

No idea and its ok. I do not see my life like that, 5 years from now or 10 years from now. I see my life every day. In the present and I built a solid foundation for who I am, by the next 10 years I am confident that my values and purpose will still be the same.