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About Veneno Magazine


Veneno Magazine is a high fashion / fine art magazine located in Boulder, Colorado with global reach. We are the artopia that everyone wanted. Everyone is welcome to contribute to us, as we are building a symbiotic future for the next generation of high fashion enthusiasts .

Our mission is to help every single artist elevate to his/her max potential as an individual. As we work together with everyone in creating artwork that has a purpose, and if you’re not at that stage yet; don’t worry, we will get you there.

The story of Oscvr Gonzalez editor-in-chief

Oscar is from Mexico City, he grew up watching her mother create beautiful hairstyles as she owned her own salon right at her house. Oscvr grew up in fashion, therefore, he fell in love with styling, he always knew that he wanted to become the next Vogue magazine. But he wanted to give it a twist. Oscvr’s style can be described as edgy, powerful, and mysterious he knew that he was always been bullied by the way he dressed; as no one really cared about fashion as much as he did. Growing up with broken wings, Oscvr knew that art and fashion were the only thing keeping him alive. Yes, he went through depression, and survived suicide. And, he is not ashamed of showing his weaknesses to the world. This is the main reason he created Veneno Magazine to give artists a platform to fully express themselves, no censorship, no boundaries. A few rules apply, there must be a reason as to why an artist creates artwork. Being unique is something that Oscvr admires a lot, therefore, he encourages everyone to be creative. Oscvr’s main mission is to kill depression, he lives in Boulder, Colorado where there are many mass shootings, too many suicide stories, too many mental problems without solution. No one is doing anything to stop this, and it fucking hurts. Everyday on tv there is a keyword called "depression", and "mental issues" The power of love, and art will save the world. Join us in our road to end depression forever.

“The bigger the dream, the bigger the fall, but are you going to let gravity destroy your dreams? or are you going to open your wings and conquer the world?” -Oscvr

Confidence, Power, Edgy, Love, Creativity are our names


Oscar Gonzalez- Editor in Chief